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Post by Scoot on Mon Jun 16, 2014 10:47 am

[Will be posted here soon! DON'T WORRY A HAIR ON YOUR ITTY BITTY HEAD]

Name: Scoot
Species: Spider
Gender: Male

Bells: 0
Debt to Nook: 19,800

Personality: (He is a cranky villager)Scoot has a short fuse, getting angry about seemingly inconsequential things, such as not being able to pull a weed out of the ground or catch a fish. He also has a secret hobby of making dolls, and if he manages to make an enemy, he makes them into a voodoo doll or puppet. He prefers to keep this a secret because people would be creeped out, or worse, scared of him. And he got enough of that from the human girls in the city.
Social Skills: Very limited. He is awkward in situations with big crowds, but he still relishes those moments because it reminds him of his life back in the city.

Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Furniture Set: He really likes the sleek furniture set, but colored red.
Favorite Fish: Piranha
Favorite Bug: Spider (Brethren need to stick together!)

Reason for coming to town: Although his parents were respectable and kind, Scoot believed that they were too uptight and was scared he would become like them if he stayed near them in the city.

Catchphrase: Scritch

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Species: Spider
Gender: Male

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