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Post by Jethro Marcello on Fri Jun 19, 2015 7:55 pm

Jethro the Human Fisherman Jethro10
(crap drawing, i know)

Name: Jethro J. Marcello
Species: Human
Gender: Male

Bells: None! He's broke!
Debt to Nook: About 10k as reparations for peddling fish to Nook at higher value than usual. Nook caught on and Nook wasn't happy.

Personality: Jethro is a wise and intelligent young boy, yet he hides his experience behind a layer of melancholy. Never one to spark conversations, Jethro keeps to himself most of the time and only seems to care about whatever fishes he snags on his rod.
Social Skills: Keeps out of conversations whenever possible and, if engaged, derails conversations almost immediately. Acts extremely neurotic around people he likes. Seems to lack an understanding of human morals, as Jethro has no problem engaging in violent actions if provoked too much. Jethro is a sensitive man, and usually silently weeps to himself after a frenzy.

Favorite Color: Forest Camo (if that counts)
Favorite Furniture Set: The Alpine set. Has a humble and quaint cabin-ish look to it that Jethro adores.
Favorite Fish: Oh man. Probably all of them, but he has a particular love for trout and bass.
Favorite Bug: Can't really say he's a bug type of person.

Reason for coming to town: Fell in a river one hazy night and let the warm waters of the stream take him to parts unknown. Wound up here and decided to stay for a little while.

Catchphrase: "Pally".
Jethro Marcello
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