The Time Hole [insert doctor who reference here]

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The Time Hole [insert doctor who reference here] Empty The Time Hole [insert doctor who reference here]

Post by Railee on Thu Jan 02, 2014 1:59 pm

Railee sighed as she stared at the shadows of the fish, and then suddenly one of the villagers came up. "Hey Railee! I heard there was a time hole in Solstice! You should go live there until you find it!" Railee excitedly ran towards Coco's house, and then after saying her goodbyes, she packed her bags and ran towards the train station to leave Pallet (A little bit TOO sudden, ain't it?) and found out when the next ferry was arriving. She said to herself "I can't believe Coco told me it was a trick to get me to leave! The other villagers aren't THAT mean, right?"

Two Hours later, she practically bounced off the ferry, and suddenly realizing how tired she was, she tiredly walked towards the town hall.

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