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Post by Azura on Thu Jun 20, 2013 1:40 pm

Azura the Cat 2wlypa8

Name: Azura
Species: Cat
Gender: Female

Bells: 0
Debt to Nook: 19,800

Personality: Azura is generally friendly to everyone, though she can be more shy and introverted at times. Azura also tries to help out other villagers who might need it. She thinks a lot and likes to imagine things about her town, but that doesn't distract her from trying to pay off her loan.
Social Skills: At first, she acts shy, especially around new people, but opens up more once she gets to know them better. She likes talking with other villagers, but will most likely be on her own hunting for fossils or planting flowers.

Favorite Color: Cerulean
Favorite Furniture Set: Cabin
Favorite Fish: Red Snapper
Favorite Bug: Ladybug

Reason for coming to town: Moved out of her last town once it got too crowded.

Catchphrase: shiya

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Age : 20
Bells : 109910
Registration date : 2013-06-13

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Species: Cat
Gender: Female

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