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Handling boredom Empty Handling boredom

Post by Choco-chan! on Sat Mar 16, 2013 7:07 pm

It was a cloudy windy March day. The air was moisty, it looked like it would rain again soon. Choco dragged her ribbon umbrella across the vibrant green grass, she was headed in no particular direction. Sometimes she would take a right... Sometimes a left. "Ugh, what to do? Everyone's locked at home, as always, there's no one to play with, yummy!" she voiced angrily.
"I'll show them, I can have fun by myself!"

She looked for four-leaved clovers, collected sanddollars, pestered Sable, pestered Blathers(with a yellow butterfly), took pictures of trees and flowers, stopped by Brewster's to get some coffee and later listened to K.K. Slider's gig.

It was a fun yet lonely day. Choco hoped new villagers moved in, and that the villagers that lived in Solstice now, would all come out to play together one day.

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