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Post by Nakita on Thu Aug 30, 2012 8:15 am

Nakita the wolf NAkita

Name: Nakita
Species: Wolf
Gender: Female

Bells: 0
Debt to Nook: 19,800

Personality: Nakita is a very calm wolf that loves to take a stroll around areas. She is easy to read but she can usually be quite shy. She is typically a wolf with a wide imagination and she loves to learn new things when she gets the oppurtunity.

Social Skills: Nakita isn't that popular around the town due to her lack of coming outside. Her house is usually locked so no one can enter. But when she is out you'll find her near or on the beach fishing and catching bugs.

Favorite Color: Violet
Favorite Furniture Set: Kiddie
Favorite Fish: Dorado
Favorite Bug: Emperor butterfly

Reason for coming to town: Money problems

Catchphrase: Hmmf

Number of posts : 1
Age : 20
Bells : 124256
Registration date : 2012-08-30

Character Profile
Species: Wolf
Gender: Female

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