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Post by Luna~ on Thu Jul 19, 2012 9:26 pm

Luna the Cat~ R08a6p

Name: Luna
Species: Cat
Gender: Female

Bells: Zero.
Debt to Nook: 19,800 Bells

Personality: She sleeps alot during the daytime, which makes her barely have contact with others. She's nice to others most of the time, but she's also very sarcastic and can get mad real quick because of her short temper. Though, she always tries not to get mad at friends. She's very lazy and always tries to get away if she has to do something. Her hobby is fishing.
Social Skills: She will never start a conversation unless it's something really important, but she doesn't really care if someone starts a conversation with her.

Favorite Color: Yellow
Favorite Furniture Set: Classic
Favorite Fish: All of them! But if she has to choose, Catfish.
Favorite Bug: Pond Skater.

Reason for coming to town: She wanted to leave home after her sister did too.

Catchphrase: meowy

Oh, and yes, a cat XD I just really like cats!

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