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Anabel arrives... Empty Anabel arrives...

Post by Anabel Lye on Wed Jun 13, 2012 4:13 am

A girl with choppy blue-tinted white hair, a flowing white dress, and a mask shading her blue eyes follows a path through a forest in a small, peaceful village called Solstice. She carries a map in one hand and a small suitcase in the other. She finally spots a house in the distance. She arrives and admires the flowers already growing in the side-yard and the interesting vines along the outside walls. She wonders why she hasn't seen any villagers yet besides the raccoon that gave her directions to her new home and offered her a job at his shop, in which she politely declined. She looks around and sees nothing but trees and a river...

OOC: Hi guys! Wow..this website is pretty dead. It's really a shame. >.< I'll just leave this here though...6w6
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