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Post by Loco on Sun Feb 19, 2012 5:57 pm

Loco had begun her big "move" from Nutville to Solstice. Nutville had recently went into a famine and all of the beautiful nuts and berries had dried up…her entire life consisted of these two foods, so life in Nutville became nearly impossible. She packed up her remaining assorted nuts and began journeying to a main port town. From the ports, Loco got onto a ferry and rode over to the island civilization called Solstice.

Part way to the island, the seas became dark, the sky turned black, and the winds picked up. The coxswain, someone named Kapp'n, called out, "Arr, a storm's a-brewin'! Garr, get inside the boat!" Accidentally leaving her bag of nuts out on the boat, Loco ran into shelter. Once she realized she left the nuts outside the boat, she foolishly ran out from the protection of the boat's hull. She looked into the murky water and could see some of her nuts sinking into the water, some were floating in opposite directions, but the rest of the nuts and berries were eaten! Loco screamed and passed out for the rest of the ferry ride.

Kapp'n carried her from the ferry to land when they arrived at Solstice. "Yarr should check the shores each day for yer booty. I wish ye fair winds!" he called out, as Kapp'n boarded his ferry and left Loco on the sandy shores of Solstice on a dreary morning. A faint drizzle sat in as she walked empty handedly into her choice of house…a house in the middle of a dense forest…the perfect location for berry and nut searching!

Everyday Loco checks the entire coastline of Solstice for any of her lost nuts and berries.

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