Character Creation Template! USE IT!

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Character Creation Template! USE IT! Empty Character Creation Template! USE IT!

Post by Cap'n Allister on Tue Jun 17, 2008 2:10 am

This is the template that you are to use if you want to make a character profile. Also, USE THE CHARACTER SHEET IN YOUR PROFILE, as some of it is displayed under your name/avatar when you post.

An image IS needed, and it MUST look Animal Crossing worthy (you know, big head, little body).


Bells: (All new members start out with 0. This feature has not been implemented yet.)
Debt to Nook: (All new members start out owing Nook 19,800 bells. This feature isn't ready yet, either.)

Social Skills:

Favorite Color:
Favorite Furniture Set:
Favorite Fish:
Favorite Bug:

Reason for coming to town:

Catchphrase: (What does your character like to say a lot at the end of his/her sentences?)
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