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Post by Cap'n Allister on Tue Feb 07, 2012 12:07 am

Cap'n Allister the Axolotl AxolotlSmall

Name: Allister
Species: Axolotl
Gender: Male

Bells: 0
Debt to Nook: 19,800

Personality: Cocky, but warm-hearted. He lives to see the day when he can find a way to fly to different lands in search of treasures and ladies.
Social Skills: Generally the self-proclaimed leader of a group. Allister loves assuming the role of "captain" and creating a crew out of his comrades. Of course, he believes that everyone should be treated fairly, so he's non-judgemental and enjoys making new friends to go on adventures with.

Favorite Color: Gold, the color of adventure!
Favorite Furniture Set: The Mush set! It breathes mystical forest adventure!
Favorite Fish: Coelacanth! Finding an ancient fish is adventurous!
Favorite Bug: Firefly, to illuminate the caves while he's on adventures!

Reason for coming to town: It would make a great hub while he plans out his future adventures.

Catchphrase: Bloop
Cap'n Allister
Cap'n Allister

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Species: Axolotl
Gender: Male

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