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Post by Cap'n Allister on Sun Jun 15, 2008 3:24 pm

OKAY! YOU! WITH THE FACE! Yeah, I know the type of person you are. You don't look like you save... I bet you don't even comb your hair!

ANYWAY! Before you can live in this town, we need to get a few rules down, GOT IT?!

Rule 1: Your username AND avatar must match your character's name and appearance. THAT'S WHY THEY'RE THERE! If you signed up and didn't know about this, then get into gear and change it in your profile!

Rule 2: You're character can be human or any species of animal, but you CAN'T use characters from the game! If you do, I'll be a-knockin' at your door!

Rule 3: NO MADE UP ANIMALS! This means you can't use an animal you created in your rule-breaking mind. Unicorns, dragons, and the like are acceptable, though.

Rule 4: ONE CHARACTER AT A TIME, PEOPLE! If you want to make a new character, you MUST make an RP thread about your previous one leaving town! OR ELSE!! Also, KEEP TRACK OF YOUR PAST CHARACTERS!! That's why there's a big text box in your profile for it!

Rule 5: NO BAD LANGUAGE! 3 strikes and YOU ARE OOOOUUUUT!!

Rule 6: Be respectful of others, and have fun! OKAY?!
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